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●"Double down":http://www.countingedge.com/double-down-blackjack/ – If available, on your first 2 cards you can double your original bet and be dealt one more card to end your turn. ●Surrender – Surrender your hand at the cost of half your bet. This is more commonly available as late surrender (once the dealer has checked for Blackjack), though some variations may offer early surrender (before the dealer checks for Blackjack). Once the player has ended their turn, the dealer will play according to the casino house rules. The player will be paid out for a win. The house edge in a game of blackjack can be as low as 0.28% ; however you will need to choose the variation of the game that you แทงบอลออนไลน์ ง่ายๆ play carefully and play with optimal strategy in order to achieve this.

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Genesis Gaming is taking Scientific Games‘ land-based hit Zombie Blackjack online, as Zombie Blackjack Rises. “Genesis is the first online game provider to bring Scientific Games’ successful table game, Zombie Blackjack, online. Following its debut at the Venetian last summer, the game has been heralded as the next big craze for blackjack players around the world.” Zombie Blackjack is a blackjack variant by the famed game inventor, Geoff Hall, who also created the popular Blackjack Switch and Free Bet Blackjack games seen on casino floors. The twist to this version is, depending on the dealer’s up-card, the player may have the chance to bring busted hands back to life. What’s the catch? Like in Hall’s other successful blackjack games, the Push 22 rule is used where if the player does not bust and did not have blackjack, then the player’s wagers are simply returned to them. “Genesis’ interpretation of Zombie Blackjack game-play is spot on. Particularly, the game’s digital visual and audio effects add a thrill and excitement dimension that we simply cannot do in the land-based version of the game,” – game inventor Geoff Hall The new game, which has already gone live with Genesis’ partners in Asia, marks two milestones for the company: another notch in its portfolio’s diversity belt and adding a new market segment of online card players. Zombie Blackjack makes busting entertaining by bringing busted hands back to life – and Genesis is the first to bring it online.

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